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A.L Electronics Engineering and Production Services Ltd is a well-equipped manufacturing company offering a world class, full spectrum of electronic manufacturing services, from new product engineering to direct shipping to the end customer.

A.L. Electronics has the expertise to build your product: automated SMT & BGA with X-Ray,  PCB assembly, conformal coating, cables, harness and mechanical assembly through prototyping, supply chain (turnkey), in-circuit, functional testing and pack-out.

A.L. Electronics is a completely integrated company specializing in contract services and has been in the printed circuit board assembly business over 25 years (founded in 1983), located in Yehud, a high-tech industrial area near Tel-Aviv, Israel.

A.L. Electronics operates within a facility of 5,000 square meters, employing a work force of 230 skilled employees and has automated production abilities of 400,000 components per hour, supported by an efficient, well-organized manufacturing and process management team.

Our main objectives have always been to provide our customers with a service second to none, obtained by our commitment to high quality products, technological superiority and dedicated workforce.

Our list of customers include many international based companies in the aircraft, medical, military, telecommunications, aerospace, industrial and multimedia fields. We also have customers that are small start-up companies who need a reliable partner that has manufacturing expertise and know-how team in order to help them grow and achieve their goals.

The top management of A.L. Electronics is commited to quality and uses a timed action plan with supportive resources. The management takes actions in order to provide an enviroment which promotes employee involvement in improvements of quality and productivity.